Nordic Chamber Orchestra

In its 29 years of existence, the Nordic Chamber Orchestra might have done more than any other orchestra to promote new Swedish music.

By collaborating extensively with young composers such as Brita Byström, Fredrik Högberg, Daniel Nelson and Andrea Tarrodi at an early stage of their careers, the orchestra has helped them to establish themselves on the very competitive contemporary music scene. But the Nordic Chamber Orchestra has also commissioned new works by established composers such as Pär Lindgren, Jan Sandström, Daneil Brötz, André Chini, Karin Rehnqvist, Henrik Strindberg and Hans Gefors.

One important part of the work of the Nordic Chamber Orchestra is in reaching new audiences. Thus the orchestra’s projects involving children are not only an opportunity to share music creation with the younger generation, but also a vital part of the musicians own development. In Scandinavia they are leading the way in this field. The young audiences are treated with the greatest possible respect and it is important to give them the best of high quality music.

The Nordic Chamber Orchestra is in the front line when it comes to crossover music. Besides the jazz and world music projects already mentioned, the orchestra has worked together with rock- and folk groups; always curious and eager to create something new. After the first seven years during which the orchestra established itself as a pioneering body with a special interest in young Scandinavian composers and in working with children and other new audiences, the orchestra entered a new era under Christopher Warren-Green who was their chief conductor from 1998 to 2004. By concentrating on the classical repertoire he gave the orchestra its status as one of the finest interpreters of classical repertoire in Scandinavia, with praised performances of symphonies by Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Mozart and Haydn.
From 2005 to 2010 the highly respected trombone player and conductor Christian Lindberg held the title of chief conductor, and during this period the orchestra had several international tours with maestro Lindberg, both in Europe and Asia.
From 2011 the orchestra collaborated with two artistic leaders, the Swedish conductor Johannes Gustavsson and the well known violinist with international reputation, Gilles Apap.

Artistic director is Elisabet Ljungar and from 2018 Eva Ollikainen joined as chief conductor.

Contact info: Elisabet Ljungar